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sl modify-findings

The sl modify-findings command is deprecated. Qwiet will automatically modify findings when you run sl analyze if you've defined modification rules in your config file.

The sl modify-findings command allows you to change the severity of findings after analysis based on pre-defined modification rules in your config file. Modification rules match findings and change attributes of the findings like severity or CVSS score.


Only Qwiet users with admin privileges may modify the severity of findings after analysis.


To run: sl modify-findings [command options]

Command options

For easy reuse in future analyses, you can store some command-related information as environment variables (we've provided the specific environment variable below). Note that the values for options set via environment variables override those set in a configuration file (which, in turn, are overridden by those specified via command-line flags).

OptionEnvironment variableDescription
--app <name>, -a <name>SHIFTLEFT_APP=<name>The name of your application