The Compare tab of the application detailed view allows you to compare two scans to see how the findings in your application have changed over time.

The ShiftLeft dashboard's Compare tab

You can filter the list of findings by:

  • The severity level of the finding
  • The finding's status
  • The person the finding is assigned to

ShiftLeft also offers advanced filters (including category tags, CVSS scores, and more) that allow you to compare scans based on various parameters.

Comparing two scans

To compare two scans, select the branch and scan that you're interested in near the top right. Then, set the scan that you would like it to be compared to:

An image of the upper dashboard showing how to change the branches to be compared

Clicking on a finding in the results list will open a window to the right-hand side of the dashboard that displays an in-depth description of the issue. Click Details in the window's top-left to expand the window.