Business-as-usual (BaU) plan

Within three to six months, we anticipate that the majority of your applications have been onboarded and are being scanned by ShiftLeft, with ShiftLeft providing optimized results. The objective of the BaU phase is, therefore, twofold:

  • To help users make the most of the ShiftLeft platform, enabling teams to mature in capability and adoption of DevSecOps and AppSec techniques
  • To help the organization and stakeholders monitor and measure the efficacy of the DevSecOps program

DevSecOps maturity with ShiftLeft

ShiftLeft CORE platform integrates Next Generation SAST (NG SAST) with Intelligent SCA and contextual security training to provide a complete DevSecOps toolkit for your teams.

During the initial onboarding phases, the focus was on helping your developers adopt the ShiftLeft platform and reduce friction and operational overheads in your workflows. It's important for your company to use ShiftLeft CORE as early as possible to help you mature in DevSecOps practices and with the secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC).

Achieving cultural transformation requires people, the process, and the product to collaborate and work together. ShiftLeft helps with this transformation journey by:

  • Offering regular catch up and office hours to answer any questions or offer guidance at no additional cost
  • Offering professional services that can help you integrate ShiftLeft with any vulnerability management, security hubs, or compliance reporting platform
  • Helping triage difficult problems and identify the optimal remediation and mitigation techniques via the Ask the Expert service
  • Offering ShiftLeft Educate Enterprise, a paid upgrade to help with your security training compliance needs

DevSecOps efficacy with ShiftLeft

ShiftLeft's reporting capabilities (accessible via the UI and the REST API) enable you to monitor and measure your DevSecOps program's efficacy and outcomes.

We provide automation scripts to monitor the security posture of the applications, teams, and your organization. With trend charts, stakeholders can monitor and understand the current level of security debt at the application level and team level. ShiftLeft's continuous measurement can help increase your likelihood of success and investment returns for your DevSecOps investment.

Business-as-usual tasks

Security ChampionIdentify members that might benefit from ShiftLeft Educate Enterprise
AppSecIdentify apps and teams that might benefit from ShiftLeft professional services and the Ask the Expert service
ShiftLeftOrganize regular catch-up and office hours sessions for interested users
ShiftLeftOffer periodic health review for applications to identify any gaps
ShiftLeftDiscuss product roadmap and invite users to beta test upcoming features and refinements

Download the checklist as a PDF