The ShiftLeft CORE platform includes NextGen Static Analysis (NG SAST), a cross-platform static application security testing (SAST) solution that can also be integrated into your version control or CI/CD workflows to provide automated code analysis.


Before you start, please verify that you meet the prerequisites for an optimal experience.

Scanning your first application

Once you've verified that your workstation is ready for ShiftLeft CORE, you can get started in one of two ways:

Next steps

After you've set up and scanned your first application, you can:

  1. View your results using the ShiftLeft Dashboard.

  2. Add users to your ShiftLeft account so that they can use ShiftLeft CORE and view the scan results as well.

  3. Customize ShiftLeft CORE to meet the needs of your organization's applications:

Leveling up with ShiftLeft CORE

  1. Leverage our API to modify your organization (add users, set up single-sign on, etc.) or return your scan results.

  2. Use one (or more) of our integrations or extensions: