Generating CI access tokens

You can use the ShiftLeft Dashboard to generate a token that lets you integrate ShiftLeft into your CI/CD system. Super admins can create this token, and the tokens belong to the organization not the super admin. Super admins can also invalidate and regenerate these tokens as needed.

To generate a token:

  1. Log in to ShiftLeft using a Super Admin account.

  2. In the top-right, go to Integrations.

  3. Near the top-right, click the plus sign to launch the New Integration Token window.

  4. Provide a label to help you remember what this token will be used for and (optionally) a description. Select the type of token this will be (in this case, choose CI Token).

  5. Click Create Token to save and proceed.

  6. ShiftLeft will display the token to you once. Please save the value of your token in a safe place (if you ever lose the value of your token, you'll need to generate a new token).