Security training

The ShiftLeft CORE platform includes access to educational resources available to you after you scan your code using NG SAST, specifically, you'll get access to contextual security training.

For example, if NG SAST identifies a command injection vulnerability in your application, you can choose to receive additional information and training on how you can mitigate such vulnerabilities.


Before proceeding, please ensure that you have set up and authenticated with ShiftLeft. Then, analyze your application to obtain a list of findings and access the security education materials.

How to access security training

To access the security training modules:

  1. Log in to ShiftLeft.
  2. Select your application and click to open.
  3. Switch to the Vulnerabilities tab.
  4. Select a vulnerability and click to open.
  5. In the top-left of the panel that opens up, click Details. This will open up an expanded view of the vulnerability information.
  6. Click Security Training to launch your training module; this will be focused on the specific vulnerability in your app's language. (this will open a new tab).