This article shows you how to integrate ShiftLeft CORE's NG SAST into your TeamCity workflow to provide automated code analysis.


This tutorial assumes that you have:

Step 1: Create your environment variables

In TeamCity, define the following environment variables containing authentication information for ShiftLeft:


When running in a production environment, we recommend using a CI token as the access token. You can create your CI token in the ShiftLeft Dashboard.

Please note that the presence of any set environment variables will override those in a configuration file.

Step 2: Configure your build

Once you've defined your ShiftLeft authentication variables, you'll need to create a TeamCity job that executes ShiftLeft.

If you haven't already, log in to TeamCity and go to Project > Settings > General Settings > Build Configurations.

Next, click Edit. Select Build Step using the sidebar and click Add build step. This opens up the configuration window that allows you to define your new build step with the following information:

Runner typeCommand Line
Step nameSL Analyze (or descriptive name of your choice)
Execute stepIf all previous steps finished successfully
Working directory<path-to-directory-for-built-project-pkgs>
RunExecutable with parameters
Command executable/usr/local/bin/sl
Command parametersanalyze

When done, save your changes.