Windows Installer

Last updated last month

Installation on Windows for ShiftLeft tools (sl and .NET microagent) may be done using the installer available from the website.


Use this installer for .NET Framework installations or this installer for .NET Core installations. Simply unpack the downloaded archive and an executable will appear.

Extract Zip

The choice between .NET Core and .NET Framework is a setting specific to the .NET microagent only, we provide two executables with different defaults for ease of installation.

Installer Variants

The installer requires a user with administrator privileges. It will copy sl.exe into the global programs directory (specifically %ProgramFiles%\ShiftLeft), create a start menu entry with a shortcut to open a shell with sl.exe in its path (the folder will be called ShiftLeft too), as well as an uninstall shortcut; the .NET microagent will be separately installed into C:\shiftleftDotNetAgent.

Start Menu Folder

At this time the installer can simply be executed by double-clicking and confirming when the dialog for elevated privileges pops up afterwards.

User Account Control

It will print its output on a terminal window; once done, pressing Enter again or closing the window will finish the installer.



Uninstalling the ShiftLeft tools can be done similarly by double-clicking the start menu entry for the uninstaller. Here again the elevated privileges prompt needs to be confirmed.

User Account Control

Once confirmed (with Enter, respectively Y at the second prompt to also uninstall the .NET microagent) it will then proceed to undo the installation. Simply pressing Ctrl-C or closing the window will instead abort the uninstaller.


Again the window will stay open at the end until Enter is pressed, or the window is closed.