Tomcat Integration

You can make a simple modification to your Tomcat startup environment to complete ShiftLeft integration. Make sure you've installed the ShiftLeft CLI on the Tomcat server, and that you have access to the shiftleft.json file that was created when you ran sl analyze. The most straightforward integration is simply to customize as follows:

  1. Add a call to sl update java-agent to ensure that the latest version of the ShiftLeft Java microagent library is present in $HOME/.shiftleft

  2. export SHIFTLEFT_CONFIG=(complete path to the shiftleft.json file)

  3. Add the -javaagent flag to JAVA_OPTS. Point the flag to the location of the current ShiftLeft microagent jarfile e.g. "-javaagent:$HOME/.shiftleft/sl-microagent-latest.jar"

Make sure you back up before you proceed.