Enhancing the OQL

The OQL is used to query Code Property Graphs (CPGs) and Security Profiles. OQL results can be integrated into your security tools and for sharing data across the SDLC.

The OQL can be enhanced for use with your specific code base or environment, to represent queries that you use over and over again, or to combine complex and multiple queries into a single query.

Use the "Enhance my Library Pattern". For example, a method named whatICareAbout is added to a query, which is subsequently evaluated just like built-in language elements when the query is used.

import io.shiftleft.passes.findings.steps.Finding
class MyMethods(finding : Finding) {
<b>def whatICareAbout = finding.filterOnEnd(x => x.score >= 8 && x.categories.contains("a1-injection"))</b>
implicit def conv(findings: Finding) = new MyMethods(findings)
@main def exec(spFilename: String, outFilename: String) = {
loadCpgWithOverlays("cpg.bin.zip", spFilename)
sp.findings.whatICareAbout.l |> outFilename