Installing on Windows

For the Windows operating system, you can install ShiftLeft Inspect and ShiftLeft Protect (currently only for .NET Framework) using the installers provided by ShiftLeft. Information is available on both installing and uninstalling the ShiftLeft products.

The following installers are provided:

Note that the Windows installers require a user with administrator privileges.


  1. Download the appropriate installer.

  2. Unpack the downloaded archive.

    Unzip Prompt

    An executable appears.

    For ShiftLeft Protect, the installer bundles all dependencies into a single downloadable file, enabling the installer to run offline (without connecting to the Internet).

  3. Double-click on the executable to start the installer.

  4. Using the resulting prompt, confirm elevated privileges.

    Install Account Control

    The installer copies sl.exe into the global programs directory (specifically %ProgramFiles%\ShiftLeft), creates a Start menu entry with a shortcut to open a shell with sl.exe in its path (the folder is called ShiftLeft), and an uninstall shortcut. ShiftLeft Protect for .NET Framework is separately installed into C:\shiftleftDotNetAgent.

    Start Menu

The installer prints its output on a terminal window; once done, pressing Enter or closing the window finishes the installation process.

Installation Progress

Installation Options

The installer binary has the following command line options to modify its default behavior:

  • --no-prompt Disables prompts for non-interactive usage if you are running the installer from the command line.

  • --install-directory Specifies the installation directory; the default is ShiftLeft in the normal Windows Programs folder.

  • --start-menu-entries Sets the directory for the location of created Start menu items. Defaults to ShiftLeft in the top level of the Start menu. If empty, no Start menu items are created.

  • --sl-home Identifies the home directory for ShiftLeft products. This directory is created as part of the installation process, and stores any downloaded binaries and configuration files. Defaults to .shiftleft in your Home directory.

  • --no-dotnet-agent Installs just ShiftLeft Inspect (i.e. sl.exe) and not ShiftLeft Protect.

All directories are stored in the registry.


You uninstall ShiftLeft Inspect and ShiftLeft Protect by double-clicking the Start menu Uninstall command. You are prompted to confirm elevated privileges.

Uninstall Account Control

Once confirmed (by pressing Enter, and then Y at the second prompt if you also want to uninstall ShiftLeft Protect for .NET Framework), the uninstaller removes the installation. To abort the uninstall process, press Ctrl-C or close the terminal window.

Uninstall Progress

The terminal window remains open until you press Enter or close the window.

Uninstallation Options

Use the following command line options to modify uninstaller default behavior:

  • --no-prompt. Disables any prompts for non-interactive usage.

  • --install-directory. Specifies the installation directory.

  • --start-menu-entries. Identifies the Start menu directory.

  • --sl-home. Sets the Home directory for ShiftLeft products.

The default values are read from the registry after installation.