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Security insights

When analyzing your code with preZero, your results will include security insights, or security-sensitive functions, along with any other vulnerabilities identified.

At this time, Qwiet can only identify insights for JavaScript applications.

What are security insights?

Security insights are findings that indicate a particular code snippet could lead to vulnerabilities in the future. Identifying insights helps a developer avoid this type of code issue early and can help prevent the onset of vulnerabilities.

In short, the difference between a security insight and a security vulnerability is that the latter is an issue that must be corrected immediately due to its negative impact on the application's security, while the former needs review to determine if a fix is appropriate.

Viewing your results

The application summary page provides high-level information regarding your scan results, including the number of insights found.

You can see a complete list of your insights by going to Findings > Insights from the application summary page.