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The following lists the dependencies required by Qwiet preZero to correctly analyze your app/project. We recommend ensuring that the local workstation on which Qwiet preZero runs mirrors your development environment as closely as possible.

Browser requirements

Qwiet supports the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Language support and requirements

Qwiet preZero is capable of analyzing applications written in the following languages:

LanguageVersions supportedExtensionsSource/CompiledStatusSCA
C#C# 12 or earlier AND .NET Framework or .NET 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, or 8.0.sln, .csprojSourceGAYes
JavaJava 7-11, 14-15, 17, or 21.jar, .warCompiledGAYes
JavaScript, TypeScriptES6.js, .tsSourceGAYes
KotlinSDK 24-40.ktSourceBetaYes
PHP5.2-8.3.phpSourceBetaIn progress
Python3.8 or later.pySourceGAYes
ScalaScala 2.12 or later.jar, .warCompiledGAYes

⚠️ Qwiet preZero cannot analyze encrypted or obfuscated artifacts (e.g., encrypted/obfuscated JAR or WAR) or encrypted code.


preZero's SCA supports the following languages, build tools, and package managers.

LanguageBuild tool/package format
C#.csproj, packages.config
Gogo.mod, go.sum, Gopkg.lock
Java/ScalaMaven (pom.xml), Gradle (build.gradle, .kts), Scala (.sbt)
Node.jspackage-lock.json, pnpm-lock.yaml, yarn.lock, rush.json, requirements.txt, pipfile.lock, poetry.lock

Language-specific requirements

Qwiet preZero supports the analysis of C and C++ applications on machines with Java 11 (or later) installed and at least 16 GB of memory available.

Optional: In the environment where you're running Qwiet AI, ensure that GCC and g++ are installed for auto-discovery of C/C++ system header files if included/used in your C/C++ code.

Other tools, frameworks, and versions

If you use a framework (or a different version from the ones listed above), it may be compatible with Qwiet. Please contact us for additional details.