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How to Enhance the CPGQL

The Code Property Graph Query Language is used to query Code Property Graphs and Security Profiles. The results can be integrated into your security tools and used to share data across the software development lifecycle. Because it is based on Scala, you can easily enhance it by defining implicit extensions.

If you find yourself in need of combining multiple CPGQL Queries into one, or simply want to save a CPGQL Query you use frequently, you can add your own custom CPGQL Component. For example, you could define an CPGQL Component publicExampleOrg on Node-Type Steps for METHOD nodes that filters for those nodes whose FULL_NAME property matches the .*org.example.* regular expression, and have the public modifier, like so:

implicit class MyMethodTraversals(method: Traversal[nodes.Method]){
def publicExampleOrg = method.fullName(".*org.example.*").isPublic

Usage: cpg.method.publicExampleOrg.l



  • tab completion works, i.e. if you type cpg.method.pu<TAB> it will auto-complete
  • unless we add additional extensions, this step is not available for other types, e.g. cpg.namespace.publicExampleOrg does not compile (or autocomplete)
  • you can store it in a script, e.g. and import it on startup of your ocular session, e.g. sl ocular -- --import