sl auth

The auth command is used to authenticate the CLI with your ShiftLeft account and associate your applications with your organization.


To run: sl auth [command options]

Command Options

Some command-related information can be stored as environment variables for easy reuse in future analyses. If so, this is indicated.

OptionEnvironment VariableDescription
--token <token>SHIFTLEFT_ACCESS_TOKEN=<token>The access token associated with the ShiftLeft account
--diagnosticSHIFTLEFT_DIAGNOSTIC=trueWhether applications can send diagnostic data back to the ShiftLeft
--no-diagnosticSHIFTLEFT_NO_DIAGNOSTIC=trueDefault Disables diagnostic data

You can get the value of SHIFTLEFT_ACCESS_TOKEN from the ShiftLeft Dashboard under Add App.

Please note that the presence of any set environment variables will override those in a configuration file.