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sl auth

The auth command authenticates the CLI with your Qwiet account and associates your applications with your organization.


To run: sl auth [command options]

Command options

For easy reuse in future analyses, you can store some command-related information as environment variables (we've provided the specific environment variable below). Note that the values for options set via environment variables override those set in a configuration file (which, in turn, are overridden by those specified via command-line flags).

OptionEnvironment variableDescription
--token <token>SHIFTLEFT_ACCESS_TOKEN=<token>The access token associated with the Qwiet account. You can obtain your access token in the Dashboard
--diagnosticSHIFTLEFT_DIAGNOSTIC=trueAllows applications to send diagnostic data back to the Qwiet and enables logging
--no-diagnosticSHIFTLEFT_NO_DIAGNOSTIC=trueDefault Disables diagnostic data