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sl subscription

The subscription command is used to return information about your Qwiet subscriptions, including:

  • The type of subscription
  • The period when your subscription is valid
  • Maximum number of apps and current number of apps uploaded
  • Maximum number of users and current number of users
  • Submission limitations and the current number of submissions


To run: sl subscription [ngsast | ocular]

Example usage

Run sl subscription ngsast to obtain information about your preZero subscription or run sl subscription ocular to get information about your Ocular subscription:

$ sl subscription ngsast

Your current preZero subscription entitlements for organization 09b...a67 are:
Valid from: 2019-01-01
Valid until: 2021-12-31
Subscription type: NGSAST Enterprise
Max apps allowed = no limit, Current usage = 305 (demo apps do not count to overall limit)
Max users allowed = no limit, Current usage = 1

If you want to modify your subscription,
Please work with your Qwiet contact or write to