sl policy

The policy command allows you to manage your custom policies.


To run: sl policy [command options]

Command options

assignmentManage default policies assigned
create[default\|no-dictionary] [<path-to-policy-file>]Create a custom policy
info[<policy-label>[:<policy-tag>]]Return policy metadata. If you include --public, ShiftLeft will fetch information about the policy from the public domain
pull<policy-label>[:<policy-tag>] [<path-to-policy-file>]Pull a policy from the ShiftLeft repository
push<policy-label>[:<policy-tag>] <path-to-policy-file>Push a policy to the ShiftLeft repository
validate<path-to-policy>Validate the syntax/semantics of a policy

Please note that sl policy assignment accepts additional options.

Options for sl policy assignment

listList all policy assignments
remove[--project <project-name>]Remove the default policy for your organization or project
set<policy-label>[:<policy-tag>][--project <project-name>]Specify the default policy used by NG SAST; the optional --project parameter allows you to set policies on a per-project basis. If the --project parameter is missing, ShiftLeft applies the policy globally to your organization's applications