sl update

The update command is used to update various ShiftLeft components.


To run: sl update [command options] <go2cpg|java2cpg|js2cpg|sast-scan|csharp2cpg|ocular|jre|self>

Command options

For easy reuse in future analyses, you can store some command-related information as environment variables (we've provided the specific environment variable below). Note that the values for options set via environment variables override those set in a configuration file (which, in turn, are overridden by those specified via command-line flags).

| Option | Environment variable | Description | | --dotnet | | Target .NET | | --dotnet-framework | | Target .NET Framework. Default value. | | --ocular-install-dir <directory> | SHIFTLEFT_OCULAR_INSTALL_DIR=<directory> | The Ocular installation directory; defaults to $HOME/.shiftleft/ocular when $HOME exists |