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Analyzing HelloShiftLeft with preZero

This article shows how Qwiet preZero works using the HelloShiftLeft sample application.


If you haven't already, install preZero.

To get HelloShiftLeft, you can clone its repo by running git clone in the Terminal/Bash.

You must have the Java 8 SDK installed to use HelloShiftLeft.

Step 1: Build HelloShiftLeft

Build the HelloShiftLeft sample app using Maven by running mvn clean package (you can also use another build tool of your choice). You can expect the "BUILD SUCCESS" message to be printed to the Terminal/Bash if this is successful).

Step 2: Run preZero

To ngsast the code for HelloShiftLeft, run sl analyze --app HelloShiftLeft --wait --java target/hello-shiftleft-0.0.1.jar. You will see the following output:

[INFO] initialized gRPC logging connection to
libplugin version 0.4.112 (72b9cabfb52b34ca9bf058f464361a76c50cde89)
libplugin version 0.4.112 (72b9cabfb52b34ca9bf058f464361a76c50cde89)
Shiftleft CLI 2020-06-10T19:24:55.946Z Copying Target File /HelloShiftLeft/target/hello-shiftleft-0.0.1.jar
[INFO] Uploading to secure tenant namespace
[INFO] Result file is /var/folders/8t/
[INFO] Uploading to secure tenant namespace

31.85 MB / 31.85 MB [==================================================================] 100.00% 17.27 MB/s 1s

... Done. Submitted for analysis
Waiting for analysis to finish. Press ctrl+c to cancel.
Progress: 14%
Progress: 100%
Done. Load the following URL in your browser:
The Scan ID for application HelloShiftLeft is: 1

Step 3: View your results

Per the instructions printed to the Terminal/Bash, open up the URL provided. This will bring you to the Qwiet Dashboard, where you will see a summary of the vulnerabilities identified.