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Machine learning-identified findings

Qwiet provides policy documents that you can modify to describe the data and methods in your application and how they relate to each other. Additionally, Qwiet can generate policies on your behalf, automatically defining sets of rules or dynamic policies using a machine learning model focusing especially on in-house or custom third-party libraries.

The policies generated by Qwiet's machine learning model can result in additional vulnerability findings when used to scan your code. These findings are then displayed to you on the Qwiet dashboard.

View of the Qwiet AI dashboard showing the number of ML findings identified

The Qwiet dashboard tags all machine learning-derived (ML-derived) findings, allowing you to filter and search for specific vulnerability types. The findings are also tagged with a green AI flag, indicating that Qwiet identified them using a machine learning-generated policy.

View of the Qwiet AI dashboard's vulnerability list showing the tagged ML-derived findings

Enable ML-generated findings

If you would like to add ML-generated findings to your subscription, please get in touch with the Qwiet Customer Success team.

Existing users can enable ML-generated policy annotations at the application or organization levels.

Qwiet automatically enables ML-generated policy annotations for new users.