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28 February

Highlights: ShiftLeft CORE is now Qwiet AI preZero, updated support for applications written in C# and Python

What's new

  • ShiftLeft is now QwietAI: We are pleased to announce that ShiftLeft is now QwietAI, reflecting our product's ability to reduce noise for your AppSec and DevSecOps teams and allowing them to focus on the results that matter the most to your application's security. We've also changed the name of our platform to preZero. This name better reflects the preventative nature of the work we help you do: finding zero-day and pre-zero-day vulnerabilities.

  • AI learning: preZero now features AI-powered detection of vulnerabilities in your Java code. Our security researchers generate policy definitions, using knowledge from preZero's machine learning model to help define rules and dynamic policies. The model focuses especially on your in-house or custom third-party libraries. preZero then tags these vulnerabilities for review on the dashboard.

  • Updated C# support: We have updated our support for applications written in C# to include those written using C# 11.

  • Updated Python support: We have updated our Python support to include applications written using Python 3.9 and earlier.